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Probably the worst types of people are the ones that shut you down to make themselves look cooler than you, for example if you get excited and squeal and they’re like “woah what was that..” or if you talk loudly because you’re passionate about something and they say “relax dude wow” and then give a look… Like fuck off stop trying to act so cool and collected. You don’t seem more mature you just seem fucking boring and monotonously placid.

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Quick room
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You know what, seeing that BS on the Wiki made me rage so much that I’ll just go and write up another Fukunaga appreciation post. The second revival round may be my favourite for reasons listed here (and also because I think the individual games were interesting and of good length, making them easy to follow in comparison to some other games =x because let’s face it, there are a few fans, myself included, who don’t understand 100% of what’s happening in every single round 8D), but I love the Musical Chairs round, too. To me, that game is the follow-up to the developments in the second revival round in regards to the relationships between the main trio. Of course, each game in Liar Game is precious because each of them is an important step in Nao’s amazing growth and because the interaction between Nao and Akiyama is a joy to witness, but Musical Chairs is the round that, as far as I see it, focuses on Fukunaga and Nao’s relationship.
Nao’s impact on Fukunaga becomes more and more evident over the course of the Liar Game, starting with Nao convincing everyone around her that her approach to the game is to be taken seriously and that it is just as effective (and indeed realizable), if not superior to the “every man for himself” approach. In the second revival round, Nao and Fukunaga are first seen working together intimately, with Nao being the one to take the first step, the one to show Fukunaga trust - not just trust in other players in general, but for Fukunaga as a person. We don’t know much about Fukunaga’s background yet, but I like to think that Fukunaga was able to relate to the woman who broke down crying at the end of the round, first out of frustration for believing the lies, then out of overwhelming feelings of gratitude towards Nao; at the very least, Fukunaga surely recognized once again what kind of effect Nao has on other people. And though it may go against everything that Fukunaga has done and believes in, she slowly comes to respect Nao’s ideals.
Then, the third round: Nao still repeatedly asks about Fukunaga’s whereabouts whenever the trio is not together, cannot believe that Fukunaga is not among the winners of the first part of round three (because the amazing Fukunaga can’t possibly have lost), and the two of them are seen casually chatting before the Musical Chairs game starts. Fukunaga fills Nao in on things she has missed, warns her about dangerous opponents, and devises the plan to enable them to help out Akiyama in the mock game. When the actual game starts, with Fukunaga not being a player, it is not Akiyama or another dangerous opponent that Fukunaga chooses to follow; it is Nao who she checks up on - because Fukunaga knows that if you don’t keep an eye on Nao, she’s sure to commit another folly, and sure enough, she finds Nao frantically looking for a chair because Nao’s given her only option to another player who was tricked out of their chair and is physically unable to look for another.
The thing is, Fukunaga ought to know by now that that act of kindness was only natural to Nao, but she’s still shocked - which shows that you cannot get used to the extent of Nao’s selflessness, and Fukunaga in particular has trouble grasping that, partly because of how many people she has maliciously outwitted and exploited. Fukunaga proceeds to yell at Nao for the entire period before the signal to get seated sounds (a good 15 minutes), desperately trying to get her to just take back her chair, while Nao (which is amusing) just politely rebuffs Fukunaga and keeps looking for another chair, not even once considering to go back on her word. The combination of foolish selflessness, complete lack of self-preservation, yet unwavering determination must have impressed even Fukunaga; she ends up giving the one chair she has found to Nao, taking coins with Nao’s name in exchange (which can be traded in for money at the end of the round if, and only if, the respective person wins the round). Having one more chair at your disposal is a great deal and Fukunaga could have chosen to invest it in someone else. Of course you can argue that Fukunaga investing in Nao is a GOOD choice all things considered: Nao has powerful and numerous allies, Nao will surely be aware of whatever plan Akiyama comes up with, Nao has proven her value in previous rounds and is capable of turning things around completely, but it’d be ignorant to dismiss that Fukunaga’s decision is also influenced by her emotional ties to Nao. It’s not like she negotiated the price in advance either, and leaving the chair to Nao is a spur of the moment decision when Nao breaks down in the very last seconds before the gong.
Fukunaga also spends the rest of the round being fiercely protective of Nao, which goes beyond wanting to assure her investment is worthwhile, as we see her getting very upset at the player who lost the chair Nao has given to them, too (in the vein of “how dare you waste her sacrifice”). She even goes out of her way to (repeatedly) make sure that Nao’s still doing fine, that she’s not thinking too much, that she’s not putting too much stress on herself:

"Nao. I can tell you’re worried… You’re afraid you might not be able to save everyone this time, aren’t you? […] Don’t psych yourself out. Just keep your mind on winning this. If you can make it all the way through… Well, the sky’s the limit. But if you lose, then it’s over. You won’t be able to help anyone, let alone yourself."

The solidarity that she displays (particularly remarkable considering her attitude in early rounds) manages to impress even the hosts. Fukunaga and Nao’s interactions in this game basically concludes with the former reflecting on their relationship and Nao’s growth up to this point, a scene which I love:

"… She just blew my mind… Is this really the same Kanzaki Nao who got easily duped by me just a while ago…? The one who would burst into tears, thoroughly frightened, every time things got a little tough…? She gets stronger little by little, playing the Liar Game."


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三吉彩花 (Ayaka Miyoshi)
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Name: Ayaka MiyoshiJapanese:  三吉 彩花(みよし あやか)Birthdate: June 18th 1996Bloodtype: BStar Sign: GeminiNickname: Miyo-chanSiblings: Only childPet: Dog named TessBorn in: Saitama-kenHeight: 170cmGood point: Not a bashful personBad point: Said to be “cold” Favourite book/manga: Favourite brand: INGNI, CECIL McBEEFavourite artists: BIG BANG, SHINee,Favourite subjects: Sports, musicLeast favorite subjects: Math, ScienceCharm point: DimplesFavourite food: Strawberry, kimchiDisliked food: Green peas

Love her
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「Bleach - Chapter 162 ☻ Black Moon Rising」
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—Inoue Orihime—

「Bleach - Chapter 164 ☻ The One Who Changed the World」

This was released 2001? Just how fucking old am i
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